Bharat Bhisé



Bharat Bhisé has been an executive, investor and a leader in the global transportation, leasing, and logistics industries.

Bharat Bhisé is the CEO and Founder of Bravia Capital. He serves on the Investment Committee and has leadership responsibility for Bravia’s investment and portfolio management strategies.

Prior to Bravia, Bharat Bhisé served as the lead in a number of aviation companies advising on aircraft financing and freighter conversions. As President of C-S Aviation Services (“CS”), a Quantum fund investee company, he built the world’s first system integration business and developed Aviation Investments Group for Soros-Chatterjee companies. In 1995, Bharat led CS’s investment into Hainan Airlines. After leaving CS in 2000, Bharat Bhisé continued to work with numerous airlines and OEMs to grow their fleets/routes and product lines. From 2008 onwards, Bharat Bhisé through Bravia has led an outbound investments program focused on transportation finance and logistics.

Bharat Bhisé holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors), from Delhi University, India, an M.B.A. in Corporate Finance from Adelphi University, New York and an Advanced Professional Certificate in International Finance from New York University.